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21 Gorgeous Winter Front Porch Decorations You Should Apply This Year

December is a month that full of Christmas celebration. Mostly people will go shopping for finding Christmas accessories. On the contrary, some others will choose to reuse those accessories from last years. Moreover, they just try to DIY some accessories. In particular for front porch decoration there are three main decoration there.


It is an iconic character in winter. Obviously, this decoration becomes a must-have. Without this character, a Christmas decoration feels incomplete. Furthermore, you do not need to buy a new one, thus you can do DIY from any waste material you have around. You can use pallet then turn it into snowman ornament. Other than that, you can add snowman ornament on your cushion. For more inspirations, take a look at these pics below.

DIY snowman made of felt and hung on your front door
To welcome the winter, apply various ornaments with snowman motifs

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DIY wooden pallet shaped like a snowman
To welcome winter you can apply a snowman made from a pallet
DIY snowman made from pallets to decorate your porch
Your unique front porch door is shaped looks like a snowman

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Inspiring porch design with snowman shape on porch pole

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Another iconic ornament in Christmas decoration is wreath. Actually, you do not need to buy it. Thus, you can do DIY to this ornament. Besides, this ornament is not that difficult. You just need dried branches then make it into wreath ornament. Moreover, you can make wreath by using fresh pine leaves. Hence, it looks greeny ornament.

To welcome the winter you can decorate your porch by adding wreath
Decorate your porch to celebrate this winter by giving a wreath on the door
DIY plaid wreath from flannel to decorate your porch
Porch decorations for winter with greenery and wreath that hung on the front door
DIY wreath hanging on your front door, to celebrate this winter season
DIY white wreath that hung on your front door, so that your porch is more lively.

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Place some greenery wreaths on the door are one of way to decorate the winter this year

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This part is also an important part to be placed at front porch. You can install twinkle LED lighting or string lampt. So that the front porch decoration could be more alive. But it is not only just lamp, but also you can use candles. Put them in a unique lantern. Or another way is you can install the string lamp to wrap the porch. It would be so beautiful, indeed.

Place some candles inside the lantern for porch decorative lighting.
Porch decorations this winter with Christmas tree and candles inside the lantern to create good lighting
Decorative lighting with LED that is applied to wreath and garland to look beautiful
Decorative lighting with lanterns for candle holders that hung on the wall

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Decorative lighting that is applied to the garland and placed on your porch to create good lighting at night
Decorative lighting for porch with string lamps that merge with garland and wrapped around the porch. Add some lanterns placed on the stairs to perfect the lighting.
Decorative lighting with LED lighting on the pine trees, so that at night it creates beautiful lighting

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These kinds of ornament or decoration really can give a special joy to whom look at them. Furthermore, if you walking around then you can judge to which house that is most creative of all houses. It really gives a joy to everyone who look at it. These kinds of decoration really gives special feeling to people who look at it but also to the owner of that porch decoration.