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30 Creative Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Talking about the valentine celebration, basically it won’t only about the adults. Since valentine is the celebration of love, the your kids can also celebrate it to show their loves for their parent and family. Moreover, they can also celebrate it with their close friends, and even their pets. It is awesome because when your kids can show their loves to others, means that they have such good hearts.

Anyway, to show their loves in valentine day, you can teach them to make the DIY crafts by themselves. In this case, it will be fun activities where the kids can really show their love by making their own gifts. In hence, following pictures are those with the proper designs related to the celebration. The rest, the designs are not only sweet but also cute at the same time.

Bug craft with heart sign pattern for the dots
Paper flpwer craft wint sweet lollipop as the gift
Heart paper craft with hearts felt craft as the dots
Hanging ornament in popsicle and puzzle material
Cupcake paper craft added with glittery heart shape and ribbon
Pipe cleaner and pencil mix together to create valentine craft
Hanging heart ornament by using two kinds of paper
Rainy hearts craft by using paper and yarn
Puzzle frame craft combined with popsicle as the material
It could be said as the heart shape puppet made of paper.
Paper hands mold with love messages.
Apples that carved in heart shape
Love sticks made of paper wood for the holder
Red hand print inside the heart shape contained with love messages
Heart shape made of yarn and paper
Red flower painting by using mustard stem
Hanging heart shape made if paper
Butterfly craft with candybas the body part

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Valentine note made of paper and decorated with ribbon and pencil
Colorful heart garland made of felt and yarn.
Gift box decorated with flower in heart pattern
The string heart made of paper
Valentine card by using paper and glitter color paint
Valentine message garland by simply utilizing plain white paper.
Chocolate with decorated wrap in heart pattern

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Hanging heart string made of paper and paint colors. In hence, you can hang the paper by using red nylon string.
Necklace craft with heart pendant and beads
Jar decorative candle added with heart pattern made of paper.
Plastic plate to make the red valentine wreath
Valentine wreath by using the heart shape made of paper

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After all, since you’ve seen at our references, you might find on the designs that you can teach to your kids. Anyway, for your consideration, make sure that you adjust the difficulties based on your kids’ capability. In this case, you can’t make your kids confuse with the designs. It is important because the crafting activity won’t be fun anymore if the designs are too hard.

In hence, you should also choose the proper materials you are going to use. In terms of level of difficulties, the materials become the important thing. Because each material has its own characteristic, that is why the material can have such a big influence. For example, paper will be easier to formed than the felt. Moreover, the the felt also a little bit harder to cut than the paper. At last, whatever it is, ask for your kids approval when choosing the design.