Bathroom Decor

21 Elegant Modern Bathroom Design Ideas to Try Right Now

Nowadays, people prefer to choose a bathroom design which is more simple yet elegant. It is not only the material used but the color used is also simple like one or two dominants colors. There are two at least, that become main accessory to make an elegant look for your bathroom.

Shower Curtain

The first is curtain. Mostly people still use curtain to separate the space of shower and other things in bathroom. You can install white dominant color of curtain. White color can give elegant effect to a room because it reflects clean and neat. If you feel that plain white color is too boring, you can use patterned curtain like plaid or abstract pattern. Moreover, you can use monochrome curtain. Obviously, it is a good combining color. But, for more ideas, take a look on pics below.

Beige curtain with white striped you can apply to your bathroom to create calm nuance.
A white curtain with face pattern
A plaid pattern in white curtain for your bathroom
inspirational curtain for your bathroom with leaf motifs
Abstrac plaid curtain that you can apply for your bathroom
Horizontal striped curtain motif for your bathroom
White curtain which has a tassel on the edge
White curtain for white bathroom
White and black curtain for your bathroom
White striped curtain with tassel at the bottom

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Adding chandelier in a bathroom definitely bring the elegant vibe. Also, It carries a classy or even classic elegant. Furthermore, there are so many variations of chandeliers that can give this effect. You can choose a simple chandelier like clear glass round chandeliers. Beside, you can also put one industrial style. Another example is put unique abstract style. Moreover, if you want more ideas, then scroll up your screen and have a look on these pics below.

round glass chandelier for your bathroom
classic chandelier will look elegant for your bathroom
elegant chandelier you can apply to your modern farmhouse bathroom
flower pattern chandelier from iron is suitable for your bathroom
unique shaped chandelier from iron in gold for a modern farmhouse bathroom
hexagon shaped chandelier with industrial style for your bathroom
simple chandelier that is added white funnel to create a good lighting
unique pattern chandelier with star patterned to create starlight
White ball chandeliers to create modern impression for your bathroom
unique pattern chandelier to reflect light for your bathroom
glass chandelier that you can apply to your bathroom

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Furthermore, there are more parts or aspects that can make your bathroom more elegant actually. They are the tile, color painting, other furnitures or the material used. Those variations are based on budget that you have. But, instead of buying things, you can make your own furniture or DIY. You can be more satisfy on the finish look. Well, It is definitely your choice!