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23 Ways to Make Indoor Garden Decorations to Freshen Up Your Home

Do you feel like your energy lessen quickly without any hard activities? Well, maybe it is not about your activities. Thus, it is worth to suspect that maybe you need to reorganize your home’s look. Briefly, you are about getting bored to your home’s decorations. So, go ahead to do some improvements!

Hanging Planter

Hanging decoration could be one of some solutions to dismiss your bored mood. You can try hang some small size plant. Or, simply use planting media from waste plastic bottle or in jar too. Then, hang them inside of your house like on kitchen wall. Moreover, fresh plant is the perfect choice. Beside, you can freshen up your home’s nuance by using some beautiful artsy patterned vase. Otherwise, you can plant herb because it is not only just planting for freshen up the mood but also you can smell good scent which can lit your mood alive.

Indoor garden that uses a jar and hung on the wall
You can attach a fresh indoor garden to the wall of your dining room
An inspiring indoor garden that uses cute vases and then hang it in your kitchen window to get fresh air
The fresh indoor garden using metal pot that you can hang to your kitchen window
A creative indoor garden that uses cups as a container for plants and hand on the pegboard
You can put a fresh indoor garden on your kitchen hanging rack to make fresh air
DIY wall decorations that using wreath and add some living plants in the clay pots
A creative indoor garden that using unused plastic bottles as a container for plants and then you can hang it on the kitchen window
An indoor garden that using a jar and then you put it on a hanging rack with red flowers
Indoor herb garden that using clay pots as a container then arrange vertically on your kitchen window to get fresh air
Inspiring indoor herb garden that using unused bottles for your plant containers

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Attached to the Wall

Recently, Vertical garden becomes most favorite garden for narrow space or for another option to freshen up a room. It is not only just a decoration but, also can be a good spoiler for eyes because it is really unique, artsy and refreshing spot. In addition, you can plant colorful leave plant so, it really gives you different perspective about a garden as decoration.

An interesting indoor garden idea with vertical garden that attach on the wall.
Utilizing the wall to create indoor garden is good idea. You can attach the plant to the wall to get fresh ambiance.
A variety of colorful and variegated-leaf plants in a boxed frame can be the focal point in your home.
A wall of vibrant green moss works well with the black soapstone tub and zinc frame
Color and texture are highlighted by using various leaf shapes and colors in this interior vertical garden wall
contemporary basement living room that incorporates a vertical living wall adds life to the subterranean space and is decorated with several types of fresh plants
Family-friendly, cheerful and contemporary style complete with a fresh, green wall of live plants
The industrial-chic design of this open kitchen-dining area gets some extra warmth with the wall of living plants
The vertical garden in this living room can freshen up your home.
This zen space for mediation in New York is enhanced by the eco-friendly wall of living plants
This is a very good indoor garden that can add a unique touch to the living room.
Walls of easy-to-grow Pothos can be created with a planter and a wall-mounted trellis that the vines can grow vertically on

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In fact, there are so many decorations but maybe it is in small number for decoration that has double function, the first is just for beautifying the space, absolutely and another is for refreshing our mood and ideas. So, might those ideas above really can give you inspirations how to make an indoor garden.