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21 Comfortable Spaces that Make Us Want to Relax In Winter

Winter is not a season to be feared. What’s more, you have a big happy family. So, you need to prepare a few places. When entering winter means approaching Christmas celebration. So, this is a good start to redecorate your home. In order to create a comfortable home with family. Of course, a house has a special place. Where you will spend time with family. For example, the living room, backyard, and porch.

Living Room

The living room is the most important part of a house. A lot of your time is spent there, with family and relatives. So, it doesn’t hurt if you provide the best decoration. Various interior designs for comfortable living rooms in winter are provided. This is certainly very helpful for you in finding ideas. So that it will create a warm atmosphere when winter arrives. As for some cozy living room designs are as follows.

White is a symbol of purity. Comfortable to live in and don’t want to leave. The concept of white nuances makes the living room-friendly and spacious. The room is getting more luxurious with two elegant table lamps. Adding fur fabric makes your sofa feel comfort.
The arrival of Christmas is getting closer to these two candles. The gray and white colors indicate a simple luxurious feel.
The concept of a minimalist room gushing in the design of this room. Neutral colors of white and beige make the room fresh. Two armchairs make the room more luxurious.

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Your warmth is guaranteed in this living room. The position of the sofa that surrounds the fire pit. The concept of a minimalist room is very thick in this room. The combination of neutral colors is a soothing color. Besides that, it also looks warm.
Unlimited luxury. In addition to luxury, this room looks spacious in white. White always displays the perfect background. The nuances of nature increasingly come alive with two plants in each corner.

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The gray color makes the living room more character. Switch from timeless white. Gray is also neutral and soothing.
Warm brown color. The natural feel is very beautiful with a blend of natural stone walls and brown color.

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After we are talking about living room. Other parts which is important in a create of cozy house is backyards. After we get bored in a room, next is to plan a comfortable backyard. The outdoor atmosphere is sometimes pleasant. Especially if we have a comfortable outdoor space. For example, a beautiful and comfortable backyard. Creating a backyard idea is not a difficult thing. Entering winter you need things that warm up. So the backyard with fire pit is very appropriate.

The most important thing in winter is finding warmth. Make your backyard more comfortable with a fireplace. Even under the roof, you have to make sure that cold air won’t interfere with your time.

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Spacious fireplace design, your warmth is guaranteed even in the open courtyard. The seat plan is deliberately made in a circle so that it gets warmer. However, you are still comfortable with an arm chair and cushion.
Enjoy the winter atmosphere with an all-sophisticated backyard. Additional romantic string lights and a pair of simple lawn chairs. You don’t need to worry about warmth.
The warm design resembles a living room. Complete with a unique and quite adequate fire place. Fire place design resembles a statue as if it became an icon in this backyard concept.
The winter backyard must be accompanied by a fire place. Simple backyard design in the middle of nature. With a pair of rattan chairs, you will feel like in nature.
There is nothing wrong with a closed backyard design. You will still enjoy the atmosphere. A backyard with a roof will slightly protect you from the cold. However, the existence of a fire place is still needed.
This backyard concept is very luxurious. Equipped with a mini golf course and also looks a pair of chairs with a roof. The modern concept is very thick with shades of gray natural stone.

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Beside the backyard and comfortable living room. So, it’s time you beautify the porch of the house. Entering winter and preparing for your Christmas, it would not hurt if it started now. The appearance of the house will be more comfortable with the following porch decorations. Starting from a romantic sofa, then the entrance decorations, and other Christmas preparation concepts. Various porch decorations you can apply. Christmas trees, bouquets and string lamps that have a beautiful light.

Approaching the Christmas celebration, you can start decorating the porch of the house. And make it look beautiful. Decorating some sofa cushions and Christmas trinkets.
Guests will be very impressed with a pair of pots next to the entrance of your home. Pine leaves and candles make the Christmas celebration increasingly smelled.
With a Christmas tree and a gold ribbon. Gold ribbon makes the decoration more luxurious. The decoration of dried flower bouquets of twigs is a creative idea.
Beauty without limits. Porch of the house will be very beautiful wrapped in Christmas flower arrangements. The combination of green and red is the best nuance.
Really romantic. String lights and candles combined make the winter atmosphere more romantic. Fur blankets and comfortable sofas give you holiday facilities this time.

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At a glance this porch decoration is very easy and inexpensive. The series of pine leaves and arranged very beautifully.
Put various decorations there. Starting from a bouquet of twigs, feather blankets, and sweet little pine trees. DIY decoration is an easy choice when you want to get started.

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And to provide your comfort in winter, you have to work a little. Not just a comfortable living room. However, beautiful porch decorations. The concept and comfort of your backyard becomes very important in winter. The most important winter decoration is to make you comfortable. Fire place and fur blanket become very important in winter. Some examples of comfortable room designs in winter you can try now.