22 Charming DIY Pallet Planter Design Ideas

Planter could be said as the most important part of your garden in case you want to decorate it well. Then, if you want the affordable one you can do the DIY planter project by using the wooden pallet. In this case, wooden pallet is chosen because it is really easy to find, easy to form, and quite cheap.

52 Ways to Make Cool Backyard Planter

When talking about backyard garden decoration, the most important thing to be considered is the plant. Then here, by providing the best planter can really influence the look of your garden. In this case, you can even create the style or impression that you want to bring into the backyard by using the planter.

25 Creative Small Garden Design Ideas On A Budget

It’s curious that such a stunning flower is also equipped with this kind of a thorny stem. Without a focal point, your garden will just look like a hodgepodge of plants lopsidedly set on the ground. Additionally, a crowded garden is more vulnerable to disease and insect infestation as a result of the absence of great air circulation.