22 Inspiring Coffee Table Design Ideas for Your Comfortable Living Room

Besides the sofa, the coffee table is the other important thing that you should provide to complete your living room design. It is because you can’t enjoy your moment in the living room when you don’t have any table to put your snacks and beverage. Since there are so many different kinds of coffee table designs, then let’s divide into the materials that mostly loved by people.

Wooden Coffee Table

The first common and most loved material will be the wood. It is no wonder because wood is such a warm material yet really sturdy and durable if you can choose the right wood kind. However, you can still combine the wood with other proper materials to give another taste of your coffee table. Check out the following references.

By applying the all wooden material for your coffee table, you will definitely get the natural atmosphere. Then, give it with a sleek touch to make it clean.
Having the wooden coffee table material that combined with the iron will also worthy as it can make your table even more sturdy.
This one is a simple coffee table design with the thick wood material used. Although it is really simple, it has the sturdy impression for sure.
This one is the unique coffee table design that even looks like a rack. It will be really functional as you can put sone stuff under the table.
Multi-functional is the character that this coffee table has. Look at how awesome this table with the drawer that used to put books.
This one is such a great DIY coffe table where you only need to use the wooden fruit boxes. Paint it with the wood color to get it clearer and sleek.
The wheels that aplied into the table’s legs can give the rustic impression because of the wheels old style. This one will be harmonious when matches with the wood material.
Just like the previous table design, this one also has drawers but in closed form. Moreover, it also gave the white color for the color variation.
This table also has the wheels but in a modern look. Moreover, it provided with a drawer to make it more functional.
Old, rustic, and classic are the impression of the style that this table has. It comes from the wood material that comes in old look and the old-style wheels.
With the different wood colors applied in this coffee table, you can really get a unique and pretty table look. Moreover, the iron material combination of this table will be sturdy.

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Glass Coffee Table

The impression that the glass has is quite different from the wood. Glass will be more modern and futuristic. The interesting thing here is that even the glass material can also be created into several different designs. Anyway, since the glass material can be broken out or cracked easily, then we don’t recommend it for you who have toddlers or kids.

These round glass coffee table looks awesome and not boring with the stages provided. In hence, the different height also created for a more aesthetic look.
Square coffee table although it looks really common but it still worth to have especially when you can choose the one with unique details. This coffee table looks like a rack which is awesome.
This coffee table can be said as the unique one because of its oval shape. Then, look at the drawer under that created in stages.
With the combination of wooden material, this glass coffee table looks really sturdy. Even nore, it also awesome since it brings the nature element.
This glass coffee table looks really modern and futuristic which will be really match for your modern home style. Don’t forget to add the greenery not make it looks too rigid.
This rectangular glass coffee table might looks common, but let’s see for its table leg that has the unique form to make it worthy to have.
The uniqueness of this coffee table comes from the cage look that this table has. Anyway, since it has the clean white color, so that this round coffee table can be really worthy.
This rectangular glass coffee table has a rack that can make it has a multi-functional character. The silver table legs color here make the table, even more, stand out.
This simple round glass coffee table has the rack with the same material and form. It used to put the books where you can even use it to put other stuffs you have.
This simple square coffee table has black iron color material to be combined with. Here, the iron can effectively create the modern and fierce look.
The table legs that this coffee table has is the combination of marble and gold iron material which is really luxurious.

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What you have to do in choosing the right coffee table material is by adjusting it with some things. The first one will be in the living room decoration style that you have since you have to make it in harmony with the perfect one. Then, you also need to adjust it with your home condition whether you need to have extra protection for your furniture or not. Then, the last one is the budget. Make sure that you don’t impose yourself to have something too expensive for you.

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