21 Simple and Stylish Scandinavian Living Room Decoration Ideas

Although also bring out wooden material into the decoration, but Scandinavian has a bright and clean impression. It will be quite different from the farmhouse or rustic where the impression brought is the warmth. Here, Scandinavian living room design can be the right choice for you who want to have a modern clean home but still warm by providing the nature element. Check out the following examples for your references.

White Color Scheme

Just like what we have told before that Scandinavian has a clean impression. Then, related to that, white will be the best color scheme choice that you can choose. Commonly the application will be on the wall, ceiling, and floor. Then, for the furniture added with one or two bright colors not to make it looks boring.

The white color scheme here combined with the yellow sofa color not to make this decoration looks boring. Anyway, although the sofa is really bright, it doesn’t look too much at all.
Dark blue is the color that this Scandinavian decoration used to be combined with the white color. Because the blue color is in the dark shade so that it is not pale at all.
It is also possible to insert wooden material into the scandinavian decoration style. You can combine it with the white color scheme and other furniture colors.
With the simple white color scheme, this room looks adorable because of the choice of the furniture colors. Dark grey combined with dark brown wood color seems really awesome.
It seems that blue is often used for the Scandinavian decoration additional color. Look at this white room that paired with a blue chair which is pretty.
Scandinavian in modern touch is the style that this room trying to create. With the white wall, ceiling, and floor, the dark brown sofa looks really simple and modern.
The white color scheme room that combined with the brown sofa color look really match. Then, the application of the beige wooden floor makes the room looks even warmer.
Between the all-white room color scheme, there are blue and yellow colors that added to create the beauty and to make the room looks boring.

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This room has a warm atmosphere because of the wooden floor and chairs. Then, the white and light grey colors attached create a calmer ambiance.
You can even provide the greenery for your scandinavian home decoration style. Combine it with the shite color scheme and your greenery can be the focal point.
With the good lighting decoration, this white color scheme scandinavian room decoration can make the style concept even stronger.

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Beige Color Scheme

In case white is too plain for you, then you can choose the beige color. Basically it is the warm color, whereas it can still create a clean impression since the color is not in the bold one. Just like the white color scheme, beige also applied to the wall, ceiling, and floor where the other color combination choice will be the warm colors like brown or grey. It is because beige is not that match when combined with bright colors.

By applying the brown color not only into the wood, but you will also be able to create the addition warm atmosphere. For example, is for this room where the cushion and rug have the same tone as the wooden table.
With the beige wall color, the brown wooden floor and furniture can get the best harmonious match. Add with the greenery to create a fresh room impression.
Look at how awesome the beige color combined with white which can create a warm yet calm living room decoration atmosphere.

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With the black wall decoration concept, you can make your beige living room color scheme has its strong character which is good.
The wooden floor here managed to have the beige color for the calm and warm impression. You can put the grey sofa to match with this beige wooden floor.

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Look at how the green color can also become a good match for your beige Scandinavian room decoration. You can even have a fresh atmosphere without putting any ornament.
This one is a simple beige color scheme for the living room where there is no bright color applied as the focal point,
Warm is the first impression that people have when looking at this living room decoration style. Here, the beige and brown are the colors that used to create the warmth.

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Scandinavian and modern are two characters that this room trying to create. You can look from the lighting and chair that designed in modern style and in black color around the beige concept.

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Simple and artistic can be said as the characters of this living room decoration. Look at the beige and brown colors that combined together to create such an awesome look.

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Any way to get the best color choice, you have to adjust it with the atmosphere you want to bring into your home. Whatever your choices are, make sure that you take the one that you really like. It is needed so that you can really happy and enjoy it when spending your time in your living room. For your advice, since white color is faster to look dull and dirty, if you are a busy person who doesn’t have much time to clean your house, then choose the beige.

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