21 Awesome Bohemian Living Room Decorating Ideas You Must Have

Bohemian decoration style is the style that can bring out the pretty and creative atmosphere into room. That is why it is such a worthy style to be applied for your living room design. In this case, your guests will receive the passion and sweet energy you want to share by bringing the Boho style. Basically there are some ideas that you can adapt to create the style as follows.

Pretty Rug

Rug might will be the easiest way to bring out the style. You just need to find the right pattern and design then you will definitely get the Boho touch into your room. In this case, there are some kinds of the rug designs that you can have where the strongest character will come from the color. Commonly boho style has the colorful and unique pattern. Look at the following references!

Although only in small part, but the red and green color for the rug pattern is enough to create the boho style. Since it covered with white color around then the pattern can be stand out.
Red is the main color used for this rug. Then, the tassel added into two sides of the rug for more pretty impression.
This rug looks really pretty and cute with the peach and orange color concept. You can choose this pattern that not only unique but also effective to create boho style.
Sweet is the impression that this rug has. Then, the addition of the tassel makes the rug looks even more awesome.

image source

This rug has the harmonious pattern that lined up along the rug. Moreover, the red color creates the stand out impression.
This furry rug can be your choice in case you love the cute sweet rug design. Provide the colorful one so that you can get the impression you want.

image source

Look at how the rug pattern and color can create the beauty for the white living room theme. It has the peach color domination that will be really cheerful.

image source

Awesome Sofa

Talking about sofa, if you are lucky enough to get the patterned sofa with boho character then you are really lucky. But, if it is too difficult to find, then simply play with the cushion and throw blanket that placed into the sofa. Here, it is so much easier to find those two things in Boho touches than the sofa. Moreover, that will also even more affordable.

Although only in blue simple color, but the white pattern provided is enough to create boho style. Especially with the addition of the colorful cushions to strengthen the impression.
The boho style created here by providing the pom pom tassel cushion and the patterned one. Moreover, you can even provide the brown furry cushion for more comfort.
Although the sofa is only in brown leather one, but it has the boho style since it provided with the crowded tassel cushion.
Just like the before sofa, it also has the boho style because of the cushion added. But here, the cushion decorated with pattern in res, back, and white colors.
Beige sofa will work well with the soft boho cushion style provided here. Look at how calming the impression created here.
The orange and brown cushions provided for this white sofa can effectively create the boho impression You can add the furry blanket for more comfort.

image source

Look at how awesome the blue patterned sofa we have here. You can add it with the harmonious blue cushion for more perfect look.

image source


There are some kinds of ornament that you can have for the Boho decoration.But here, the most simple and common will be the dream catcher. You can have it in any sizes you need since it is really in varied. Or, you can also have the painting, colorful garland, and more. Here, we are going to show you come pretty references for the Boho ornament.

The unique painting in red color here is the way the boho touch bring into the living room. You can simply hang it into the patterned boho wallpaper.

image source

The boho ornament here created into the ceiling with the colorful tassel. The material used here is the nylon yarn which is cheap and easy to find.
Macrame is the common material to create boho touches into any part of your home. Just like this hanging dream catcher macrame, you can have it in case you love the calm one. Then, you can also add it with greenery since boho also use it for the decoration.
Although only in simple one, this macrame dream catcher is proper enough for you. As long as you provide it in big one, then it will be awesome.
The tassel garland in colorful yarn can give you the boho impression. Since it is really cheap and easy to make, then it will be really worthy for you to have.
You will never fail to have the boho impression when you apply the dream catcher. Look at how the big dream catcher here can give the pretty and boho impression for your living room.
You can utilize the rattan for the boho ornament. Those round ornament are created by using the rattan then colored and given with pattern.

image source

For the living room, by providing the style touches into the rug, sofa, and ornament will be enough. It is because those three things are the focal point of a living room. Moreover, out of those things, you can also provide the greenery. Not only to bring out the nature element into your room, it is functional to strengthen the Boho style as well.

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