22 Charming DIY Pallet Planter Design Ideas

Cool backyard planter could be said as the most important part of your garden in case you want to decorate it well. Then, if you want the affordable one you can do the DIY planter project by using the wooden pallet. In this case, wooden pallet is chosen because it is really easy to find, easy to form, and quite cheap. Basically there are two kinds of planter that you can make by using the pallet. Let’s talk about it more on down below.

Hanging Planter

Talking about hanging planter, there are several kinds of it that you can adapt. Here, you can have the one that using the chain to hang it that will be the most sturdy hanging planter. Or, you can also utilize the jute rope to hang it that will also sturdy although no as sturdy as the chain. Moreover, simply nail it into the wall or fence is also worthy. Don’t forget to make sure that you nail well so it won’t be fall easily.

Your wooden rectangular planter will be really sturdy when you hang it by using chain. Hang it in your outdoor home wall.
By applying the wooden pallet planter into your balcony fence is also awesome. Use it to grow colorful flowers.
Paint your unused pallet in yellow color then create the square planter. At last, apply the chain to hang the planter which will be really sturdy.
Sleek brown wooden planter that installed under the window for your outdoor planter will be really awesome. You can see how the wood can also has sleek impression.

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You use your wooden pallet to hang the mason jars that utilized to grow several different plants.
Besides the chain, you can also use the jute rope to hang the wooden pallet planter. Hang it in your balcony for the additional greenery.

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Look at how awesome this wooden planter could be as it utilized to combine the vegetable and flowers in one planter.

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Some different wooden planter colors that applied into the wall. Use it as your outdoor planter as it applied in the back wall part of your home.

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These wooden planters look really unique because of the frame that cover the rectangular pallet planter. Combine it with the standing pallet planter with the same material color.

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The arrangement of the wooden pallet here is really unique. For the application, you can hang it by using the jute rope.

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Standing Planter

The next one is the standing planter where you might have been familiar with this one. Anyway, you can also make it in several different form not to make your garden looks boring. From the rectangular, square, high, low, or even the circular form, all are great. If it is possible, you can even make all of the variation so that your garden won’t be boring.

Manage to have the high wooden pallet planter to grow your high plants so that it could be match well. It will be even more awesome if you can apply the different pallet color.
This rectangular pallet planter will be more sturdy when you use the iron material as the stand. Here, you can even grow some different plants in one planter.
Those three planters has the same wood pallet material. But here, the height made in different size to give the variation.
Although looks like in separated planter, but this planter is in one planter only. The case is that it is made to have the different length for each planter.
Herbs is quite important to grow in your garden since you’ll get lot of benefits from this. What you have to do is giving the name for each plant on your wooden pallet planter.
This high planter using two different pallet types related with the material and color look. Arrange the pallet to have the different position to make it more interesting.
The wood pallet arranged to shape triangle planter. It will be great because it is rarely made by people which is great.
The wood pallet painted in white color to make it looks clean. You can utilize it to grow the flowers so that the beauty of flowers can fit well with the clean white planter.
This one is such a unique and adorable pallet planter where the pallet managed to form the letter of ‘K’. You can create something like rack to be the separator.
Unique and functional is the impression that this planter has. It is because it can even used as the seat too.
With blue paint color, this high planter looks really fresh and calming. Grow something crowded to match with the type of the planter.
This dark brown square wooden pallet planter looks really classy and expensive. Look at the color used for this planter which is really great and absolutely the best choice!

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Both hanging and standing are awesome to have. That is why we do really recommend you to make those both kinds of planter for your garden. It is awesome to have the plants all around the spots whether on the ground or even in the upper part. You can even paint the pallet if you want to get the pretty impression. But, if you want it to have the warm wood impression, then just let it has the natural wood color.

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