21 Teak Garden Benches Ideas for Wonderful Outdoor Space

A good garden is the one that can bring a lot of life and functionality to your space. To transform your garden look, you can also add some tables, chairs and patterned throw pillow to add texture to the garden. Before decorating your garden, figure out the purpose of your garden so you can list the need of your garden. Go with easy-care furniture units that also prone to every weather situation; metal, teak, cedar and more.

For the color, choose a color that complete and bring out the feel that you want from the space. If it possible, consider adding a swing chair for you to relax and enjoy the time in the garden. There are so many different ways to decorate your garden and many kinds of furniture to choose from. If you decided to have a teak garden bench, see these pictures below to get wonderful outdoor space inspiration for your own.

This bench was designed using sandstone and then painted orange
a seat that uses a cinder block and soft foam and pillow
inspire bench uses cinder blocks and pieces of wood blocks
to buffer the bench using a large planter
classic wooden bench for your garden
purple wooden bench
simple bench that uses tree chunks
large chunks of stone that are used for benches
rustic bench that utilizes used wood
bench is made of strong pieces of wood blocks and the legs using tree pieces

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rustic wooden bench
dark wooden bench that added soft foam for comfort
wooden pallet bench for garden
wooden bench made of tree cuttings and legs using large stones
long wooden bench for your garden
simple wooden bench
unique wooden bench from used goods

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comfortable wooden pallet bench
blue wooden bench and add sofa cushion
long wooden bench with the foot in a concrete cast
circle white wooden bench

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