21 Cozy Rustic Living Room Ideas during Winter

One of the characteristics of the rustic style is natural color and style. In addition, the use of natural interior design and very natural style is also applied here. Even though it looks like it’s fading. But the rustic style is often a favorite. We can see the specificity of the rustic building from the shape of the floor, wall or interior finishes. Most rustic designs are left without finishing. Like a wall that is only until the reading process. Or the use of wood materials without touch, to the use of wood floors.


The first part that characterizes the rustic style is the wall without finishing. As some of the following fire place design rustic style house. They use the process without completion, but still beautiful.

In general, a description of the rustic living room can be seen here. With no completion in this wall fireplace design.
In short, a rustic wall design with fireplace can represent a cozy rustic living room.
Although only partially, a rustic-style fireplace with natural stone details can reveal a rustic impression.
Overall, a rustic living room design with a cozy fireplace for your winter.
Wooden floors, fireplace walls without finish are able to represent an overall rustic design.
Cozy rustic living room with best fireplace, wooden floor, and some rustic room decoration.

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The living room is furnished with a charming rustic chandelier design. Also complete the beauty of the rustic design living room. Chandeliers with ancient designs and natural style make the room more integrated with the winter rustic theme.

An old-fashioned and simple chandelier is able to complement the specifics of the following rustic living room.
Triple tier of rustic chandeliers to make your rustic living room more stylish.
Still with a triple tier chandelier that makes the living room look more stylish.
For several reason, there is no missing thing in this rustic living room. Which complete with fireplace and a two tier of chandelier.
Switching your old colored of rustic style with the white one and a very simple chandelier.
In simple way, a simple chandelier just make you auto amaze in the rustic living room.
Simple and strong material of rustic chandelier.

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Table Ornament

It won’t be complete if you don’t add some winter table ornaments. Approaching Christmas, winter is more fun. Table ornaments with pine leaf and candle details make guests look more cozy and chic overall.

Decorate your coffee table with round wooden tray. Fill the tray with pine cones and house plant to look attractive.
Coffee table with metal tray, greenery, pine cones, bottles, and white candles are a good decoration for this winter.
In a simple way, try to place a Christmas ornament on the coffee table.
Greenery with simple tray basket chandelier to keep in the rustic style.
Greenery table ornament sprayed with white faux snow.

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Bohemian Style

The easiest is to build a rustic living room design with a chic boho style. If you talk about boho style, then you will carry everything that is comfortable and bears beauty.

Mix a rustic fireplace, wooden chair and a beautiful chandelier to make your cozy living room.
Try to place two stylish chandelier, some cushion and warm fireplace.
Cozy sofa in the middle of a rustic room complete with an unfinished fireplace and wooden floor.

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We have presented a variety of rustic style living rooms. Finding which is most comfortable for you becomes the main task. Fireplace without a fireplace, some chandeliers with ancient designs to a warm wooden table ornament. You can determine which style is the most suitable. The image of a rustic living room idea is very thick with the style of warmth which is a favorite at this time.

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