20 Ways to Cozy Up Your Living Room During Winter

During the winter, you must be preparing for any warm things such as a thick blanket, rug, bedding, and more. Then, related to that, the room that you might focus on the decorating business is the living room. It is because the living room will be the place where you chill whether with your family or friends. Therefore there will be some things that you should consider to decorate your living room as follows.

Fairy Lights

Related to the coziness in winter, then it won’t only about the warm impression of the furniture. Here, the proper lighting could also create a warm feeling that will really make you peaceful. When you have too familiar with the candles and lamps, then here we will show you the fairy lights. It is such awesome lighting that the design will really able to create a peaceful atmosphere.

The transparent chopper tube added with small string lamps for your industrial home decor.
The tube here looks like a house shape with a transparent look to give space for the lamps exposed.
Install the lamps inside your mason jars. Then, place it between the winter ornament like a pine cone and pine leaves.
This tube is like the fireflies trap. With the rope above the tube, you’ll get the rustic impression.
Your wine bottle can even be used as the fairy light. To make it prettier, you can decorate the bottle with glitter.

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For more adorable design, you can decorate your mason jar by using wire. Here, the jars will look like baskets.
For the ocean theme, add some seashells inside the mason jar. Then, install the lamps between the shell which is really adorable.

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If you have some colorful bottles, then you should utilize it. You can install the string lamps whether inside and outside the bottles.

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By adding some fabric or ribbon inside the mason jar, you can have another taste of your mason jar fairy light.
This design will be proper for you who love painting. You can paint the mason jar into some designs that you love then install the lamps inside.

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It is no wonder when the fireplace becomes one of the most important things for the living room during winter. Basically there are some different fireplace designs that you can apply. For your advice, you can choose it based on your home decoration style. Moreover, it will be great if you can decorate your fireplace with some proper ornaments since it will be useful to add beauty.

Rustic fireplace design for rustic living room style with wood stocks beside the fireplace.
Here, the fireplace has a rustic style with its unfinished red brick application. However, the living room has a classic style which is great to pair with the rustic fireplace.
Boho is the style that the fireplace tries to bring out in this living room decoration. With the pattern and frame design, this fireplace is really adorable.
Look at the way the fireplace designed. It has the gate which is unique and functional at the same time.
This one is a really simple fireplace with white color for the brick to create a clean impression.
The unfinished stones used for the fireplace looks clean and neat in white paint color.
This one is might have the rustic style with the unfinished stone. However, it has a clean look as it well maintained.
This fireplace has the door to make sure that it won’t make the living room dirty, which is great.
The unfinished touch of the fireplace works effectively to create a rustic style. You can add it with the gate to make it save and to beautify the decoration at the same time.
Although in black color, this fireplace is quite worthy since it still looks clean and sleek.

image source

At last, between the fairy light and fireplace are those that can create a cozy and warm impression in a different way. For the fairy light, it will give you the atmosphere of warm and cozy because of its looks and beauty. Then, for the fireplace, it gives you a warm feeling directly with its real function. However, it will always great to combine those two things together for your winter home decoration.

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