21 Simple Snowman Decor Ideas This Winter

Since there will be a Christmas celebration in winter, then to have the snowman decoration is such a good idea. Besides for your Christmas decoration need, you can also utilize it to be your home ornament during winter. It is great because you can even feel the spirit of Christmas the whole winter days which is awesome. Go check out some great ideas for your snowman decoration ideas.


Wreath might become the most common thing when you are going to do the decoration. Here, no matter what the season is, a wreath will always be there as one of the ornaments. In hence, talking about the snowman wreath for your winter decoration, we have prepared some design references for you. Go get it on down bellow.

This wreath might look too crowded, but it is not at all if you want the festive decoration for your winter.
The group of little snowmen here looks really cute. Moreover, it is also quite easy to make and affordable since you just need wool yarn.
Your flip flop could be used as the wreath material which is really unique. Here, you just need to add the snowman picture in the center of the flip flop wreath.
This snowman wreath made of rattan that arranged into two parts of the circle. Install the string lamp to make it looks glorious.
The wreath here quite the same as the first design. But here, the snowman applied into the top part of the wreath.
Although only made of simple white fabric material, but this wreath is really gorgeous. Make sure that you use the fabric that has a shining effect.

image source

This rattan snowman wreath is quite the same as the previous one but it has different decoration. This time the snowman has more winter touch with the pine cone.

image source

Wooden Snowman

Talking about ornament and decoration stuff, wood will always be one of the favorite materials. It is because of the impression that the wood could bring into the room. Here, it is known that wood as the natural element can really effectively give you the warm and peaceful energy. So that here, let’s try to find out what things you can do with the wood for the snowman ornament.

This small wooden snowman used to decorate your Christmas tree. You can make it by preparing three small slices of wood then paint it.
This rustic snowman could be your indoor or outdoor decoration. It is really unique with its hat with the same wood material.
This clamp snowmen are really awesome. You can simply utilize your clothes clamps which painted and added with yarn and pom pom.

image source

This snowman uses the wood in flat slices painted by using certain colors. Then, you can add it with a shawl to make it even more perfect.
Look at how amazing the wooden snowman that place as the door hanging the decoration. Make sure that you paint the snowman in a cute look.
This wooden snowman has the number of dates that count the days from the 1st of December to Christmas day.
This wooden snowman made of the pieces of wood in certain different sizes to finally form the snowman. Add some accessories to make it more perfect.

image source


It will be such a great thing if you can provide a group of snowman together in one spot. It is because you can get such a festive impression with two or even three and four snowmen in a spot. Basically you can have the same design for the snowmen, but if you want it you can have it in different expressions and sizes.

This rectangular block can easily be conjured up into the snowmen just by simply paint it and added with fabric for the shawl.
The snowmen have different sizes and decorations. It might have the same expression but the impression is quite different.
You can even make use of the ice cream spoon to create the snowmen decoration. Give different shawl and beanie for a more varied look.
If you really taking care of the design, you’ll find out that the snowmen have a different gender which is awesome.
Besides for the gender difference, these wooden snowmen also has a different color to strengthen the different character one to another.
These snowmen designs look like as if it is mother and daughter. It is really awesome yet warm with the relation impression between mother and daughter.
This time, the snowman accompanied by Santa. Although it is not a group of snowman it is also worthy of the Christmas theme decoration in winter.

image source

All of those three main ideas for the snowman decorations are really worthy to have. So that you don’t need to wait too long to have some. It will be great if you can have each of the main decorations that we’ve shared with you. Since all of the designs are really affordable and easy to find or even made, then you can absolutely have those for your winter decoration.

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