20 Handmade Christmas Decorations to Beautify Your Home In Winter

Talking about winter decoration, it will always related to Christmas things. It is because Christmas is an important celebration during winter. That is why to give Christmas touch for your winter decoration is really worthy. Basically there are some basic ornaments that you can provide for your decoration as follows. You can apply each of the kinds of ornament since those won’t spend too much space.

Hanging Ornament

First of all, here we have the hanging ornament. Here, you will find some hanging ornament that applies to some spot possibilities. In this case, you can hang it into your Christmas tree, your front porch, above the fireplace, and more. You can even add the lighting to your hanging ornament.

Hanging ornament for your Christmas tree which is really easy to make. You can simply use your kids’ doll, add the hook into it and hang it!
Look at how cute your kid’s old shoes to hang into your Christmas tree. Besides the decoration need, it also able to bring out the old pretty memories.

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The stars hanging ornament here could be said as the lantern as well. It is because of each of the stars installed with the lamp to make it awesome.
This one is your kitchen hanging the decoration. You can hang some things that represent the Christmas theme. Then, add it with a string lamp to make it bright and glorious.
You could apply this hanging ornament to your door. Here, you just need to provide gold string, snow ornament, and some red balls. Then, green garland above is really awesome to add beauty.
Your window also needs to decorate so that you could have the Christmas touch in any part of your house. In hence, simply use the silver and red balls, the pine cones painted to have the snow effect.
The Christmas hanging ornament could be applied to your chandelier too. Here, you can put green garland into the top part. Then, add the balls that hang with white strings.

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For the decoration needs, a wreath will be something common. Besides the easy design, the material to create wreath is also flexible. You can use anything that may possible based on the theme and style that you want to have. In winter, you can use foliage, bells, red ribbon, and anything more.

The wreaths above use two different kinds of leaves. You can color the leaves to give the Christmas touch. Then, for the white fur wreath, put two house crafts in red in green colors.
The collection of rope rolls here is really awesome and unique as the wreath. You can hang it with a red ribbon so that you can get the Christmas impression.
A simple wreath by using pine leaves is really easy yet pretty. The pine cones and dried lemon really work well to add beauty. then, for the rustic touch, use the burlap as the ribbon.
This one is the combination of some different kinds of leaves. Hence, you can add it with red fruits and pine cones. The res ribbon is really awesome for another Christmas touch.
The sum of so many ribbons shaped in flower form to create the round wreath. In this part, the color combination makes this wreath even more awesome.
Fresh foliage with white tiny flowers is really cute. The red fruits added into it can really strengthen the Christmas sense.
This wreath made of black and white fabric material. After that, you can add it with pine leaves and bells. Don’t forget with the red ribbon for the Christmas color.

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Table ornament

For table ornament, you can choose the one based on your table size. In this case, if your table is in a small size, you can’t put the ornament is the too big size. It is because your table will lose its function as space will be full of the ornament. The following examples are consist of the ornament in big and small sizes as you can choose the one that really fits your table.

A mini Christmas tree that is really unique with its bird’s nest as the pad. To make it perfect, add it with the bird ornament into it.
This table ornament is designed as if it is a plant. You can make it with the collection of balls. Then, to give extra beauty, you can add ribbon into it.
These mini Christmas trees are made of ribbons, fabric, and buttons. The white cantilevers are really awesome for the Christmas theme.
Mini Christmas tree in white and red pots is really proper for your Christmas ornament. It is because red and white are obviously Christmas colors.
It is amazing how burlap can be used to form the Christmas tree. You can paint it in white color so that the burlap can have a Christmas impression.
Create a Christmas tree by using the white wool rope. Then, you can add it with a white pearl to make it looks more luxurious. At last, put red and green balls into a glass for more Christmas touch.

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At last, we do really sure that you can create each of our references above. It is because the design that we served is really easy. Again, the materials are also easy to find at any store. Even more, you can find some materials in your house which is really affordable. Anyway, since all of the designs might be possible to make, don’t forget that you can’t too much in providing the ornament. It is because something too much will be bad sometimes.

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