64 Lovely Bohemian Bedrooms Design Ideas to Inspire You

What room are we using now? Shabby chic, all pink, minimalist, Disney, greener? Have you been bored yet? If so, why don’t you just try changing themes? No need for weird themes too. Try decorating a room with a bohemian style. The bohemian style here refers to rebel style, quirky, artsy, rather vintage, rustic, and has an ethnic touch. But this bohemian style is applied to the interior design of the bedroom. Calm down, no need to replace all the furniture too. Just add decorations here and there. As long as the selection of decoration elements is right, surely the bohemian feeling can be.

One of the furniture that we can replace in our room is carpet. Replace our plain carpet with a Bohemian-style carpet. Can be geometric, striated, or carved motifs. We can customize the color with our room color palette: white with black pattern can be our room theme is monochrome. If you want a more bohemian feel, choose a carpet with red derivative colors.

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