61 DIY Mini Pumpkin Garland Decoration for Fall

Handmade festive accessories are an essential part of holiday projects. Bench chair or online for easy once you are so many methods to reflect your dwelling. See the steps below for each one of the specifics. Complete the garland with the addition of decorative accents to the base of the post if you wish. Continue alternating till you have created your garland. Continue until you’ve garland your preferred length.

One thing I love to do when I’m making things for fall or Halloween is to put a new spin on a traditional fall color palette. I’m just not into the whole red-orange-yellow thing, no matter how much I love the colorful leaves that are headed our way. So as I was planning this DIY mini pumpking garland decoration for fall, I decided to stick with black and white, and some peaches and pale pinks thrown in for good measure. I love that it can kind of take you from summer into fall if you’re one of those people (like me) who is ready for pumpkin spice everything as soon as it’s September.

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