27 Things to Think Carefully Before Purchasing Rustic Furniture

Rustic itself is a design concept that emphasizes the natural impression. That is why this style normally uses elements dominated by natural materials such as stones, wood, leather, and so on. So, if you are interested in applying this style to your home furniture, here are some essential factors you should consider.

24 How to Smartly Decorate Your Small First Apartment

When you rent or buy your first apartment, there is a chance that it is small. A smart décor trick is important to make the apartment feels cozy. You can create a shopping list to set up the apartment from the basic. Start by planning the first items for each room, so you can at least have a complete basic apartment first.

8 Proper Living Room Decoration Ideas You Can Adapt

The definition of a proper living room will be surely different from one to another. It is because the taste of each person is also different. To give you an ease in providing the proper living room design, here we serve you with some ideas. In this case, we’ll give you advice from the style to the facilities or furniture you can have.

22 Inspiring Coffee Table Design Ideas for Your Comfortable Living Room

Coffee table is the other important thing that you should provide to complete your living room design. You can’t enjoy your moment at the living room when you don’t have any table to put your snacks and beverage. Since there are so many different kinds of coffee table designs, then let’s divide into the materials that mostly loved by people.